Time Is on Our Side Lyrics

The song ‘Time Is on Our Side’ is from an album ‘Step by Step’ released in 1990. It is the eighth song in the album. You have a chance to hear the song ‘Time Is on Our Side’ live at New Kids on the Block concert during their 2019 tour.

Girl, there’s more to love than meets the eye,
girl, there’s more to what I feel inside.
And if I told you, would you be my girl, for you I’d travel round the world.
Time is on our side, girl, you’re my one true love, girl,
we’ve come too far to ever be just friends.
Time is on our side, girl, let’s show the whole world,
love is the answer and time is our closest friend.

If I sent you flowers, would you walk away,
or would it be enough to make you stay?
Even though we’re young, girl, one thing’s for sure,
in time our love will endure.
Time is …

Babe, what would you say, time brings us closer every day.
Time is …
Time is …

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