I Remember When Lyrics

The song ‘I Remember When’ is from an album ‘Hangin’ Tough’ released in 1988. It is the seventh song in the album. You have a chance to hear the song ‘I Remember When’ live at New Kids on the Block concert during their 2019 tour.

Days are gone but my love lives on in this space and time.
I remember playing the games, funny nicknames, and all the sunny days,
that shine so brightly.
I keep remembering when we started together as friends.
I keep remembering when we were together forever.

The promise we made still stays in my head like the melody.
I remember favorite songs we heard all night long in the candlelight
still shines so brightly.
I keep…

I bet you didn’t know how much I loved you.
I bet you didn’t know just how much I care.
Little girl, whenever I’m around you, all in love is fair, girl.
I keep…
[repeat & fade]

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