New Kids on The Block Tour 2019

New Kids on The Block is having a tour in 2019 along with Salt N Pepa & Naughty by Nature. On this page you can see the concert list and buy tickets for a concert of your liking.


The band New Kids on the Block was formed in the city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts in the United States in the year 1984.

The idea of ​​founding the musical group started from the Knight brothers, whose names were Jonathan and Jordan, who were joined soon after by the musicians Danny Wood, Dannie Walhlberg and Joey McIntyre.

At first, they played different types of musical genres, among which special styles such as pop and hip hop stood out, although some of their songs are framed in others, such as R & B or dance.

The first contract with a record company of the band they obtained it with “Columbia Record”, with which they could publish immediately their first album, which would take the homonymous name of the group, “New Kids on the Block”.

But it is in 1986 when the album is finally released, which were singles such as “Be My Girl” or “Stop It Girl”, issues that had a bad reception in the music scene.

This bad start discouraged, of course, the young New Kids on the Block. However, and despite everything, its producer Maurice Starr convinced them not to throw in the towel and edit a second album “Hangin ‘Tough”, to which the group finally agreed, as well as the label.

A simple one was sent to try to reach the public, “Please Do not Go Girl”, and it seemed that it was going to happen the same thing that with its first album, until a musical chain of the state of Florida, in one of its clichés, put This issue, which caused many listeners to start calling the station to request that they put it back.

The response of the record company is immediate, and asks the boys to promote that song, obtaining great success and becoming in a short time the number 10 of the best musical list in the United States, the “Billboard’s Hot”.

The group was increasingly increasing their audience as they sang at various festivals, and at the end of that year a new single was released, which is called “” You Got It (The Right Stuff). ”

At the beginning of the year 1989, the MTV music channel promotes a video of the group, and the sales skyrocket, releasing a new single of this same album, which is called “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)”, and that gets then reach number 1 on the “Billboard” lists.

The successive singles released were also quite successful, which prompted the label to reissue the first album of the band, which began to generate a large number of sales reaching up to triple Platinum.

In the Christmas of the year 1989, they publish the album “Merry, Merry Christmas”, from which an EP called “This One’s for the Children” is extracted, also getting a great reception. The total collection of the sales of this single was destined to “Cerebral Unit Palsy”, association for which the young people of the group have a special predilection.

In the year 1990, New Kids on the Block obtained the “American Music Award” for the “Best Pop Album”.

In summer of that same year they publish a new work, the album “Step by Step”, with which they achieve another great international success, getting their single “Tonight”, a triple Platinum in sales.

The band then left on tour, performing more than 200 concerts around the world, including a special one sponsored by the Coca-Cola company, which was known by the name of “The Magic Summer Tour”.

By this time, the club of fans of the band already surpassed the 100,000 members, and the components of the group received thousands of daily letters and approximately 1 telephone call to the day by fan.

In 1991, New Kids on the Block did not release any new album, but it did tour, touring several countries in Europe, as well as the Asian continent.

It was the year 1992, and the band released their new album “If You Go Away”, which raised a great controversy, similar to that of the group “Mili Vanilli”, when they were accused that their recordings were not live, but a “playback.” Although the group defended itself against such accusations, the damage was already done, and affected them a lot in terms of sales.

Despite these accusations, New Kids on the Block releases a new album in 1994 called “Face The Music”, in which the band made some changes, one of them changing Starr, the producer, and the other reducing his name , which would be reduced to the acronym “NKOTB”.

The group had been very affected by the accusations received, something that was perceived in the successive tours they made, which made them decide to separate in 1994.

The races of the members of the group were transformed from that moment into several solo projects. Thus, Jordan Knight released some singles as a soloist, his brother Jonathan retired from the world of the song and Joey McIntyre also released several albums, becoming a Golden Record with the theme “Stay The Same”. Donnie Wahlberg, on the other hand, became an actor, participating in such well-known films as “Sexto sentido” or “Hermanos de sangre”, among others. For his part, Danny Wood decided to found a record company in the city of Boston, where he also plays the role of producer, being the patron of some new talents that come to the fore.

In 1999, the MTV channel convinced New Kids on the Block to make a video for the Video Music Award of that year. That same idea had years later other important chains in the world of music, as is the case of VH1, although they were not as successful as the first.

In the year 2009 the band meets again with the purpose of editing a new single, which would be called “” Summertime “, and with which the group decided to do a world tour, this LP did not get a good place in the main lists of the world top, also achieving a poor balance in terms of sales.

After almost a decade and a half, New Kids on the Block releases a new album, known as “Single” from which they released their single “” Dirty Dancing “, with which they achieved number 1 on the Billboard.

In 2009 the group made their last concert, which took place on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Shortly after, and in spite of having informed that they were going to carry out a great world-wide tour, the band cancels all its commitments allude as reason to the existing economic crisis.

In 2010, New Kids on the Block joins the group “Backstreet Boys”, to jointly perform some concerts, playing in places like Times Square in New York City. Soon after, an album of that tour was released, which achieved a large number of sales, obtaining dividends of more than 40 million dollars.